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We're a simple, free service to help parents find effective local teachers to tutor their children

Teachers know better than anyone else how to identify areas of weakness, teach difficult concepts and prepare students for national assessments. And when the school day just isn't long enough, many of them privately tutor in their evenings and weekends as well. This is where we come in. Teachers list themselves here and you can freely search for them. If you find someone you like, send them a message and take it from there. No fuss, no fees. Tutors set their own rates and everything you pay them goes to them, not us.

We're not a tutoring agency, charging huge fees to provide you with lots of information you don't need. We believe that the best tutors are the ones that make your son or daughter feel supported and filled with confidence, the ones who listen and diagnose and move them forward by giving them exactly what they need. You can't judge that by reading about qualifications on a website; instead the best way is for you and your child to meet them and trust your impressions. We just put you in contact.

We avoid fees by leaving the checking to you: This site is for teachers only, so when you meet the tutor for the first time ask to see their school ID badge. School employment as a teacher establishes that they underwent a DBS check when they were appointed and that their school continues to monitor their suitability and effectiveness as a teacher. Every tutor is also invited to include in their listing a web link to their school web page that demonstrates their employment there, so take a look before contacting them.


Listing yourself takes about 3 minutes and is completely free. That's it. No contract, no middle man (or woman!), no cut. You work out all the details with your clients and you keep every pound they pay you. We merely put you in contact and then our job is done.

Unlike other websites, we don't collect huge amounts of information from you. In our experience, teachers are pretty good at what they do and the most important things can't be recorded on a form: students need to meet you to decide if you're the tutor for them.

We encourage you to include a link in your listing to a page on your school website that demonstrates you're employed there as a teacher and we advise parents to ask to see your school ID when they meet you for the first time, so please only list yourself if you really are a teacher.


List yourself in minutes. No fees, no contract, no fuss.

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Your listing will remain live for 12 months from the date we email you. After that time, your listing will be removed from our database and we will not keep any of your details. We will remind you ahead of this, to invite you to relist yourself again for another year if you have found the service useful.

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Teachers Who Tutor was created and is maintained by a UK teacher

My name is Stuart and I've been a teacher in UK state secondary schools for just over two decades.

If you're a parent reading this, you're probably looking to find a tutor for your child. If you're a teacher who tutors, you're probably looking to be found. But whichever you are, I don't imagine you're looking to pay a 3rd party company what are often rude fees for the introduction. I created this service to ensure we all have an alternative.

Please use this service freely as much as you want to. Tell your friends and colleagues, too, because the more people who use it and know about it, the more useful it'll be. And if it helps you to find what you're looking for and you want to give a small contribution, I'd love that. I check every listing manually before it goes live and I'm continuing to develop the website and improve the service, so anything you give goes toward covering my time and overheads and keeps me motivated.